2022-2023 Download Calendar
(Approved by MESD School Board 4/18/22)



Additional Information

August 8-12

Professional Development

5 Days

August 15

First Day of School

September 5

Labor Day

No School

October 12

October 13

End of 1st Quarter

Beginning of 2nd Quarter

42 Days

October 20

Student dismissal at 2
Parent-Teacher Conference 2:30-7

1 Day
PT Conference

October 21

Professional Development

1 Day

October 24

Fall Break

No School

November 21-25

Thanksgiving Break

No School

December 20

End of 2nd Quarter/1st Semester

42 Days

December 21

Professional Development

1 Days

December 22- Jan 4, 2023

Christmas Break

No School

January 5-6

School Resumes

2 Day

January 9

3rd Quarter Begins

January 16

MLK Birthday

No School

February 20

Presidents' Day

No School

March 14

End of 3rd Quarter

45 Days

March 15

Start of 4th Quarter

March 16

Student dismissal at 2
Parent-Teacher Conference 2:30-7

March 17

Professional Development

1 Day

March 20-24

Spring Break

No School

April 7

Good Friday

No School

May 29

Memorial Day

No School

June 1

End of 4th Quarter
Last Day of School

Dismissal at 2 for students and staff

49 Days

June 5-9

Make-Up Days (in case of exceptional or emergency closure)

5 Days

Teaching Days = 178 + Staff Development Days = 10 + Parent/Teacher Conference Days = 2
Total 190 School Days

Each instructional day is at least 6 hours per day, including Parent/Teacher Conference and early dismissals.
This calendar is subject to changes made by ADE not foreseen at this date (7-22-22).

October 20 and March 16 will count as a full day of school and a parent/teacher conference day.
Spring Break - must begin on a Monday of the 28th week of school year (AR Code 610-106d).
A quarter may not exceed 50 days nor be less than 40 days in length (Directive 93-7 ADE).
All Flex Day Professional Development Must Be Completed by November 2nd.