It is the mission of Marvell-Elaine Public Schools to equitably educate all students, to inspire all students to believe that learning is a lifelong process, and to foster good citizenship by providing each student with opportunities to develop skills for: (1) obtaining and utilizing information; (2) coping with the dynamics of society; (3) thinking, reasoning and problem solving; (4) developing creativity; and (5) positive human relationships in an environment conducive to learning.

Goal and Objectives

The Marvell-Elaine Board of Education believes that a strong, effective system of public education is essential for the continuation of our democratic form of government for the good of citizens.

To have an effective and continually improving education program, it is necessary that the following goals and objectives for our system be stated and accepted by each professional employee.

  1. A strong system of public education, compatible with our democratic form of government, shall be maintained.
  2. The opportunity of education shall be equally available for all boys and girls residing in the school district regardless of handicap, race, color, creed, sex or national origin.
  3. The instructional program of our schools shall be compatible with the district’s goals and objectives in meeting the needs and differences of students.
  4. In view of the importance of good citizenship to our democratic government and society, our schools shall develop programs to encourage the growth of good citizenship in every student.
  5. The schools of this system shall develop programs which promote proper attitudes and practices toward physical fitness, health, and care of the body.
  6. Schools shall strive not only to prepare students for further education but to equip them with vocational information and skills which will enable them to obtain employment upon graduation from high school.
  7. Schools shall provide opportunity for understand and appreciation of our cultural heritage, including such areas as art and music.