Interim Superintendent Denetra Williams went before the Arkansas State
Board to request approval of two waiver request petitions submitted by
the Marvell-Elaine School District.

Karmen McNutt, Marvell-Elaine
Elementary School Principal/School Improvement addressed the State
Board via Zoom. She expounded on all the great things the school has
implemented and the plan to support the teachers and Reach Associates as
the Act 1240 Waiver is implemented.

The State Board unanimously approved the following waviers:
- an Act 1240 Class Size Waiver for Kindergarten and 3rd grade
- a Minimum District Size Waiver.

thank the State Board members, Commissioner J. Key, and the Department
of Elementary and Secondary Education for the support provided to the
Marvell-Elaine School.


Stacy Smith (Deputy Commissioner), Denetra Williams(Interim
Superintendent) Ashley Granberry(Finance Manager), Clyde Williams (Board
President Mesd), Jennifer Barbaree(Assistant State Superintendent) See Less